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The Selections

Artisanal fresh teas with our signature blends.

Authentic Indian chais made by our in-house guru, Ami.

Sold individually, in boxes and gift hampers.

Happy shopping, happy sipping.



Our Elixir line is a collection of delicious teas and blends, that support you throughout your daily life. Need to cleanse? There is an Elixir for that. Need to relax? There is an Elixir for that. Need to be able to do a handstand by next Sunday? Well, there isn’t an Elixir for that, but a blend from our POWER line could probably help.

We outline the base benefits, and you pick which one suits you best.


Ami's Chai

Meet Ami, our in-house Chai guru who knows a thing or two about blending and preparing the best Chai on the block.

What’s Chai? Chai, often referred to as Masala Chai, has a black tea base and is brewed with different blends of herbs and spices and traditionally served with milk. 

Explore all of Ami’s Chais and see what this little drink that punches well above its weight can do for you!


We’re here to bring a little fun, happiness, and a sense of belonging to the world through our products, by building a community of people who want to see business and life done differently. Because every time we spend a dime it’s a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.


The 77 Family

We’re not just making incredible drinks around here, we’re making a family.

Our products sales are linked to some incredible organisations that truly make this world a better place. We have a strict no competitor policy, some remarkable partners who we support and vice-versa, because there is plenty of room for everyone in Successville. We also strive to be as sustainable as possible with our products and business practices. We highly recommend exploring more about this side of Madn77, because when you buy from us, you become part of our family too.