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Indulge in the taste of pure bliss with our handcrafted recipes that combine traditional flavors with a modern twist!


Blue Lemonade Mocktail

- lemon juice 30ml

sparkling water 

- Blue tea syrup 30ml 

- Nona June gin 15ml 

- lemon wheel for garnish 

- ice

Indian Choco Iced Latte

- Indian choco brew 50ml 

- Rude health coconut milk 

- ice 


Orange Chai Spritz

- ice

- Nona spritz 15ml

- Chai syrup 30ml

- sparkling water 30ml

- orange juice 30ml

Summer Sunset Tea Spritz

- Summer Sunset brew 50ml

- Nona Spritz gin 15ml

- ice

- grenadine 50ml


Blue Tea Lemonade

- lemon juice 15ml

- ice

- blue tea ice

- sparkling water 30ml

- blue tea syrup 30ml

Butterfly Pea Milk Tea

- Rude Health milk of choice 

- Blue tea syrup 30ml

- ice

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