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Inspired by my mothers blends, inspired by her traditional chai and golden milk recipe,

I proudly present you our blends, by Madn.

Why Madn?

I am someone who is naturally positive, believes the world is wonderful and everyone is brilliant. I understand this is a unique trait I take pride in.
Living in a world we get constantly challenged with issues of climate change, negative news, and people's opinions on what success and a perfect lifestyle means, do we ever just take a minute to sit down, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea? that is why we are here.

We are here to remind you to take that moment. You are unique, smart, and deserve your cuppa moment to unwind and let go of the negativities surrounding us.

Having been challenged my whole life to “act normal” I have finally stood my ground and understand what acting “normal” means.  But, it is up to you to define the world for yourself as we are our own unique individuals.

That is what why at Madn, we create blends based on current needs, the best part? you can customise them to your own needs.

I am proudly loud,
I proudly love to laugh (all the time),
I proudly love everyone and think everyone is fascinating,
I am proudly Naina and I love my teas ;)

An Elixir For Every Moment

Living in this modern and busy world, we need to be able to take a moment for ourselves, and slow down.


The Elixirs were created to satisfy this need, and many others. Metabolism, immunity and sleep are only a few of the areas of your wellbeing that you can improve with our Elixirs. 

When drinking our tea and infusions, there’s only one rule - you must enjoy them whenever and however you want!


The Ritual of Chai

I created the Chai collection with my mother from recipes that have been passed down throughout generations. Whether you prefer a classic chai or a more original chai, we have everything you need. 

The tradition of Chai has always brought my family together. Drinking chai allowed us to spend time together, enjoy our tea and catch up over some delicious Indian snacks. Those moments always filled me with happiness.

Madn aspires to bring these joyful moments into your daily routine. Making chai or golden milk will soon become your favorite ritual, which can be enjoyed on your own or in good company.

Our Values



Through our blends, we strive to brighten moments, events and lives. Happiness is in our DNA and in our blends.



We empower our customers to choose the products based on their personal taste, mood and needs. We believe there are as many blends in the world as there are different people.



We are part of the solution, not the problem. In every decision we make, we try to be as sustainable and mindful as possible.

Why Madn?

Elixir Backgrounds (1).png
Elixir Backgrounds.png

Our Sustainability Journey

At the heart of Madn we focus on giving back and making sustainability one of our core practices. Our mission is to encourage people to join us on our 3 R's:


Reuse Packaging

We reuse and recycle all our packaging and offer refill bags to reduce extra waste and increase efficiency.

Biodegradable Tea bags

We are working on getting 100% biodegradable tea bags. We encourage you to invest in our loose leaf tea and sieve's for minimal waste.


 When certain blends can't be used or the ingredients have gone out of date we send them The Heart Project for recycling.

The Madn team loves to be active therefore, we deliver all our orders by foot or bike to minimise our carbon footprint!

Cardon Neutral


​We are proud to announce that we are 80% BIO certified. All BIO products have been properly labeled with the correct certification.



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