Why Madn?

The inspiration behind Madn lies with my passion for bringing moments of wellness and tranquility into people’s daily lives. In my childhood, my mother would make me tea or infusions for every need and moment of the day. Whether I was stressed, had a stomach ache, could not sleep, or just needed a pick-me-up, there was always a blend to boost my mood.

Where it all started

When I felt the world was heading in a negative direction, I was inspired by these memories to bring forth this feeling of security and being taken care of in the world.

With the highest quality ingredients from all over the world, the Elixirs and Chai line express my dual, Dutch and Indian heritage. The Elixirs were inspired by my Western up-bringing and the Chai by my Eastern traditions. 

Madn’s teas, infusions and chai are a blend of Eastern and Western flavors and traditions that meet to empower and brighten your day.

An Elixir For Every Moment

Living in this modern and busy world, we need to be able to take a moment for ourselves, and slow down.


The Elixirs were created to satisfy this need, and many others. Metabolism, immunity and sleep are only a few of the areas of your wellbeing that you can improve with our Elixirs. 

When drinking our tea and infusions, there’s only one rule - you must enjoy them whenever and however you want!


The Ritual of Chai

I created the Chai collection with my mother from recipes that have been passed down throughout generations. Whether you prefer a classic chai or a more original chai, we have everything you need. 

The tradition of Chai has always brought my family together. Drinking chai allowed us to spend time together, enjoy our tea and catch up over some delicious Indian snacks. Those moments always filled me with happiness.

Madn aspires to bring these joyful moments into your daily routine. Making chai or golden milk will soon become your favorite ritual, which can be enjoyed on your own or in good company.

Our Values



Through our blends, we strive to brighten moments, events and lives. Happiness is in our DNA and in our blends.



We empower our customers to choose the products based on their personal taste, mood and needs. We believe there are as many blends in the world as there are different people.



We are part of the solution, not the problem. In every decision we make, we try to be as sustainable and mindful as possible.


Our Sustainability Journey

Sustainability is an important part of Madn. As the brand grows, we are embracing the challenge of sustainability more and more.


  • We use vegan stickers

  • We use recyclable packaging

  • We try to reuse all our boxes when shipping

  • We promote the usage of loose tea and refill bags


  • We blend our mixes only when an order comes in, to reduce the waste of ingredients


​We are proud to announce that we are 80% BIO certified. All BIO products have been properly labeled with the correct certification.