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Balls & Tea Moments

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I came across @patrickaubrion delicious chocolate balls at @canapeapero last year and I (as well as my kids) got hooked. Patrick’s passion for true artisanal chocolates is evident in his Chocolate balls as well as his overall enthusiasm for life. Just the type of person I absolutely love to work with.

I had approached Patrick to see if we could work together, but alas I was just too late. So, imagine my delight, when he approached me a few months later, to see if I am still interested, I jumped at the chance.

After weeks of testing which blends go with which balls, Patrick and I finally had our pairing.

On October 3rd, it was the big release party - Aubrion Chocolates event at Canapé in Tervuren. Here Patrick invited several bloggers along with his partners. Each one of us, got the opportunity to introduce one of his chocolates with one of your pairings. For us it was the Digest - Lemongrass Mix, combined with the delicious Caramel Sea Salt Balls. I am glad to see it was a success.

As of October 4th, all is available on our, and Aubrions, site. To learn more which ball goes with which tea, read below, and discover your favorite.

Balls & Tea Moments

Six of his different flavours are paired with 6 of our delicious teas:

Experience a Brownie Boost when you combine our authentic Ami's Chai with the Dark Brownie Chocolate Ball.

Experience a BiOACTIVE fruity moment when you combine the Ruby Yoghurt Chocolate Ball with our POWER Green Tea Mix.

Experience a Detox moment when you combine the Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Ball with our Lemongrass Tea Mix.

Experience a Protected moment when our White Tea meets the Hazelnut Nougat Chocolate Ball.

Experience an Antioxidant moment when you combine the Milk Popcorn Chocolate Ball with our

Chamomile Tea Mix.

Experience a Spiced Up moment when the Speculoos Spicy Chocolate Ball fires up our Rooibos Tea Mix.

Happy chocolate pairing ☺️


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