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Madn77 is here to bring a little fun, happiness, and a sense of belonging to the world through our products, wherever they may go, while respecting our planet and each other

Madn77 X Sustainability


At Madn77 our goal is to be as sustainable as possible. Our stickers are vegan, our packaging are recycable and we re-use all our boxes for shipping.


Minimal waste

At Madn77 we blend the tea and ingredients only when an order comes in. Besides having a positive impact on the freshness of the tea and therefore the taste, this also minimizes waste.

Roadmap Tea Madn77

Our tea mainly comes from India, China and Japan. Our partner Broektea Rotterdam BV brings them over directly from farmers to our atelier in Brussels. Our ingredients are bought through one supplier and brought to us.



We have been committed to wellness from the very beginning. Also, science has shown us that drinking just 4 cups of tea a week can make your brain healthier, reduce overall stress and improve your mood. That's why we created 6 specific wellness lines. All of these lines have specific wellness goals.

All our blends can be ordered via our tea shop or wholesale.

Bio Certificate

We are proud to announce that we are 80% BIO certified. All BIO products have been properly labeled with the correct certification.



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