DIGEST - Oolong Tea Mix

DIGEST - Oolong Tea Mix

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Oolong blended with the ingredients we chose for our DIGEST mix, is the perfect blend to have when you need to give your stomach a rest after a wonderful meal. Excellent for digesting, perfect for your overall health and great to increase your metabolism.

Recommended: to drink after you eat as a gentle way to help your system break down your food.

Ingredients: Oolong tea with apple, clove, ginger and lemon peel.

This tea contains about 55 milligrams of theine per cup.

Water Temperature 85°C  - Infuse for 2-3 minutes


Refill bag Loose - 125g Loose tea

Refill bag Teabags - 50 ready-made tea bags

Wooden/Paper tea-box - 125g Loose tea. Gift: 30 teabags and 1 spoon for easy measuring (+ €8)

Wooden/Paper tea-box - 50 ready-made tea bags (+ €8)

125 grams makes 80-85 cups of tea based on 1-1.5 spoon a cup

Note: All teas are organic unless stated otherwise!

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