POWER - Pu'erh Tea Mix

POWER - Pu'erh Tea Mix

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Pu’erh is known to increase your energy and clear your body of toxins, combine it with orange peel, and lemon peel, is exactly what you need to run up and down those stairs!

Recommended: as your mid-morning fix for when you need an energy and metabolism boost.

Ingredients: Pu’erh with orange peel and lemon peel.

This tea contains about 60 milligrams of theine per cup.

Water Temperature 95°C  - Infuse for 2-3 minutes


Refill bag Loose - 125g Loose tea

Refill bag Teabags - 50 ready-made tea bags

Wooden/Paper tea-box - 125g Loose tea. Gift: 30 teabags and 1 spoon for easy measuring (+ €8)

Wooden/Paper tea-box - 50 ready-made tea bags (+ €8)

125 grams makes 80-85 cups of tea based on 1-1.5 spoon a cup

Note: All teas are organic unless stated otherwise!

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