DIGEST Tester Box - All five blends in 1 box

DIGEST Tester Box - All five blends in 1 box

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Can’t decide which DIGEST mix suits you best? Why not try our box with all 5 blends. Five different DIGEST blends, in 1 box.

Recommended: to drink after you eat as a gentle way to help your system break down your food.

1 - White tea with ginger and orange peel.

2 - Oolong tea with fennel seeds, clove, ginger and lemon peel.

3 - Green Tea with apple, nettle, star anise and cardamom.

4 - Lemongrass with mint, orange peel, and cardamom.

5 - Mint with green tea, verveine and liquorice.

This box includes:

1 bamboo spoon for easy measuring

1 glass jar with bamboo lid

25 non-toxic, biodegradable, single-use tea bags

4 blended teas (35 grams)

Note: All blends are made out of organic ingredients unless stated otherwise!

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