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We want you to have the best sipping experience possible so we’ve put together some of our favourite tips and tricks that we’ve collected over our years of experimentation and guzzling. Enjoy!

How to make our Elixirs

We provide the blends, teas and recipes but you are free to mix and match whichever blend and tea together you’d like. Even the quantities listed in these recipes are only guidelines! Make your Elixir as strong, spicy, or sweet, because taste buds are like snowflakes, not a one-size-fits-all pair of spandex shorts.


Put 1/2 bamboo spoon of your blend and 2 bamboo spoons of tea into a tea bag, then into your favourite mug.

POUR BOILING WATER into your mug and let steep for 2-3 minutes. Add your favourite sweetener if you’d like.

DRINK your tea. Smile. Dance. Write a love letter. Live your life.


1-3 bamboo spoons of tea in a bag and then into a mug of boiled water should do the trick. Experiment with tea quantities to see what make your mouth happy.

That’s also a tasty idea. Put ½ bamboo spoon of the blend you want into some boiling water or milk and drink up!

Tip: Feeling adventurous? Go teabag-free! Let your tea and blend steep for 2-3 minutes loose, then sieve and enjoy!


How to make Ami's Chai, the traditional way

For when you want to drink Chai Ami’s way, follow the instructions below.


Step 1

IN A PAN: boil 220ml of water with ½ bamboo spoon of your chai blend and 2 bamboo spoons of tea. 


Step 2

ONCE IT’S BOILING: add 40 ml of milk, lower the heat for a few seconds, then give it 1 more boil.

_DSC2326 _ Madn77.jpg

Step 3

TURN OFF STOVE*: remove from heat, sieve through into a mug, add Jaggery (recommended indian raw sugar) to taste, and enjoy!

Note: If you have a pre-made chai blend (the tea and blend mixed already) for step 1 just add 1.5 - 2 spoons of the mix in boiling water.

*Ami’s Pro Tip: If you really enjoy the taste of tea we recommend after turning the stove off, cover the pan and let it steep for 2-3 minutes in the pan before sieving it into your favourite mug!


The fast way to make Chai

IN A TEA BAG: place ½ bamboo spoon of your Chai blend with 2 bamboo spoons of your tea. If have pre-blended mix add 1.5 - 2 bamboo spoon of the mix in your teabag.

IN A MUG: pour 40ml of milk (or to taste), add your tea bag, and 220ml of boiling water.

LET STEEP: 2-3 minutes

DRINK. We recommend adding ½ bamboo spoon of jaggery (Indian raw sugar) or your favourite sweetener, if you’d like.

_DSC2299 _ Madn77.jpg
_DSC2311 _ Madn77.jpg

30 ml - If you like your Chai STRONG

40 ml - If you like your Chai MEDIUM

50 ml - If you like your Chai LIGHT

No Milk? Use only 1 spoon of tea, (still ½ spoon of spice) and 240ml of water instead of 220ml, and steep for 2-3 minutes.

Milk Alternatives? All our Ami’s chai can be enjoyed with any milk alternatives. From Soya, to oat, to almond and even coconut milk.

Blend some ice in with your Chai or simply add ice cubes! Drink, enjoy, take up knitting, go about your day and make it a good one.


Dirty Chai

Wait, what in the name of all that is coffee are you trying to put into my mug? What is this “dirty chai”? Can I even safely google it with children in the room?

If you’ve never had a dirty chai, you're in for a treat. Dirty chai is the delicious thing that happens when you add an espresso shot in your chai. Just follow the above steps to make Ami's chai, add a shot of espresso and enjoy!


These quantities are only guidelines!  Make your drinks as strong, spicy or sweet as you’d like because your taste buds are as unique as your fingerprint and we are pro-finger painting.


Tips, Tricks & Recommendations


Ice, ice, baby! Once you’ve made your favourite Madn77 drink, try adding ice, even blend it if you’d like. It’s the perfect treat for those hot summer days.

Not a milk drinker? Not a problem. Your favourite milk alternative will taste just as great subbed into any of our recipes so you can have it your way.


Teas/Chai's/Matcha containing theine, we don’t recommend drinking it after 16.00 so it won’t affect your sleep.


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