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It is that time of the year again!

At Madn77 we believe everyone deserves to be spoiled on Valentine's day. Whether it's your loved one, sister, brother, mother, father, friend, teacher.. ANYONE, just do it, cause nothing says I love you more than a delicious cup of Valentine tea with a cookie and chocolate in a beautiful handpainted mug.

This box includes:

Valentines Tea - Black tea with vanilla, lavender, mint, cacao, ariona berries, strawberries, and rose petals.

A delicious heart-shaped cookie from Eat Desert First by Laura.

Choose from:

3 heartshaped Lolipop chocolates created by The Belgian Chocolate Makers


2 I LOVE YOU chocolates created by The Belgian Chocolate Makers

3 different yet artisanal Brussels based brands coming together to spread some love and joy.


This box includes:

1 Loose Tea

1 Cookie

Choice of Chocolates

1 sieve and 1 spoon

1 Artisanal mug from India - NicoBar


35€ - Tea, cup, cookie, and 1 I LOVE YOU chocolate.

39€ - Tea, cup, cookie, and 2 I LOVE YOU chocolates.

39€ - Tea, cup, cookie, and 3 heart-shaped chocolate lollipops.

45€ - Tea, cup, cookie, and 3 heart-shaped lollipops and 2 I LOVE YOU chocolates.