Pu erh Tea Mix

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Pu erh Tea Mix on a regular basis may help relieve symptoms of metabolic syndrome. It's been shown to lower blood sugar, reduce obesity, and boost immunity. Plus, it lowers cholesterol and prevents free radical damage. In other words, it helps tackle all five of the syndrome's factors

Recommended: as your mid-morning fix for when you need an energy and metabolism boost.

Ingredients: Pu erh w/anis, fennel seeds, cardamom, licorice, coriander, apple, and coconut nibs

This tea contains about 60 milligrams of theine per cup.

95°C - 2-3 minutes



Refill bag Loose - 100g Loose tea

Refill bag Teabags - 45 ready-made tea bags

Bamboo paper box - 75g Loose tea. Gift: 1 spoon  (+€2)

Bamboo paper box - 35 ready-made tea bags (+€2)