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Sit back, enjoy your chai, and kick off your day. Let the colour and taste of this artisanal and organic chai bring more vitality to the winter season.


This organic winter chai was created to support your immunity. Indian Immunity is a chai with a hibiscus twist that will give you the strength you need to enjoy and go through this winter.


It also belongs to our Winter Edition, a collection of artisanal blends that were created to bring comfort and wellness to this season. The flavours included in each blend were inspired by our travels to honour and celebrate different cultures.


This organic chai is handcrafted in our atelier the moment we receive an order. It contains hibiscus, cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and a hint of star anise, mint, and lemongrass. All ingredients are organic.

Indian Immunity (Bio)

  • Hibiscus, cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, star anise (hint), mint (hint), lemongrass (hint). All ingredients are organic.


    Instructions with milk:

    - Water temperature: 95°C

    - Qunatity: 2.5 teaspoon and 180ml per person

    - Infusion: 5 minutes


    Instruction without milk:

    - Water temperature: 95°C

    - Qunatity: 1.5 teaspoon and 80ml per person

    - Infusion: 3 minutes


    Check our how-to video!



Our tea blends, infusions and chais are mixed by hand when an order comes in.



We create our blends so that you can get the best taste and the most health benefits.



When mixing our tea blends, we avoid any waste possible. Plus, we are 80% organic.

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