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How we’ve Created a Custom Tea Blend for a Bachelorette Party

When you think about bachelorette party gifts, tea is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind. But as you know, at Madn77 we like to follow our own creativity and intuition and create something new. We already have experience in creating new and personalized blends for our B2B partners, but we offer the same service for individuals.

How we chose the ingredients

To choose the ingredients, we asked the guests which flavors reminded them of the bride-to-be. The answers we received were varied - black pepper, almonds, etc.

Once we had the complete list, we knew it would’ve been a challenge to create a blend that included all those flavors, but we were up for it! We knew that the final result would’ve been unforgettable, thanks to the personal input we received from every friend.

In the same way, we can talk with you and choose ingredients according to your taste and your own emotional connection to different ingredients.

How we've created the custom tea blend

As you can imagine, we had to go through several attempts. The first one didn’t have a good balance between the aroma and the actual taste, the second one was too bitter, the third one didn’t look pretty enough, etc.

When creating new blends, we always look for the perfect balance, no matter what it takes, and we always consult you to understand which type of flavour you prefer.

Creating tea blends for special events

Making custom tea blends is something we love at Madn77. With our B2B partners, we often create personalized blends. The process is something enjoyable because, among other reasons, we get to know our clients and their taste better and build a closer relationship with them. Plus, they get unique blends to offer to their clients (unlike the mass-produced tea).

We offer the same service for individual people. We can create together a custom tea blend for special events, such as weddings, bachelorette parties, or whatever occasion you feel is right for a custom tea blend! We can also create special packaging, so that you can present tea in a beautiful way.

In case you're interested, feel free to write us an email!


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