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Black vs Green Friday

“Black” Friday is almost here, and Madn77 has chosen to be a part of it, but only in our own way.

Our thoughts about Black Friday and Cyber Monday are mixed. We believe in it, and at the same time, we don’t. We understand that this is the opportunity for you to buy items that may be normally too costly, and at the same time, understand that we increase consumption behavior, as well as harm the environment through shipping.

Our belief? You decide what you want to do about Black Friday. Plus, tea is good for you!

We will offer a 10% discount on all our products as well as 1 sieve per order of loose tea from Friday ‘till Monday. No rush, no stress, you make your order at your convenience.

Loose tea is much better for our planet than tea bags (See one of our previous blogs),

however, we have decided that this discount code is valid for all our products. We feel it is your right to decide how you wish to buy.

Happy whatever you choose it to be.

Discount code: fridaytomonday


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