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Be Different

Social media is extremely popular, both with private individuals and companies. We use social media mainly because it is an ideal platform to get in touch with our target group.

Yet we often have doubts about which direction we should go with social media. If we look around us, we notice that many companies post perfectly looking pictures that all match the same strict theme that they use and therefore create an idealistic image of their company.

Since this is the trend, we sometimes feel that we have to go along with this, while we would rather use social media in a different way.

We would like to use social media to simply exchange pictures and thoughts that define our company, without having to do this by creating an unrealistic reality.

In addition, we don't want to stick to a social media strategy, but post what we feel good about at that particular moment. Many social media experts will not understand this, but it ensures that we keep the fun in social media and stay close to ourselves. Which is much more important to us than following the latest trends.

Will we miss out on opportunities with social media or will it be appreciated in the long run? Send us your thoughts, and better yet, what would you like to see on our social media platforms?


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