Pay it forward, give it back

Giving back is something we strongly believe in. 
Our products are linked to a hand-picked foundations that we wholeheartedly believe in, 
because investing in the power of people will always give you the highest returns.
Hearth by Elliott x Madn77
Back in 2018, Elliott Van de Velde became a European ambassador for Metro campaign supporting the importance of local impact and management of food surplus.

Realizing what was becoming possible, together with his girlfriend Adeline, he changed his approach to food & started organizing dinners able to feed 600 people through food surplus with the help of volunteers & partners.

With this surplus mission, Madn77 and Elliott teamed up to create limited editions of surplus blends based on seasonal dried herbs and fruits. Every time you buy a box, 100% of the profits go to the foundation.
Serve The City x Madn77
Serve the City mobilizes volunteers to show kindness in practical ways to people in need.
They partner with homeless shelters, asylum-seeker centers, migrant shelters, homes for the elderly, and other organisations,
and invite volunteers to offer
practical help and support.

Serve the City receives a monthly contribution from the sales of our teas.
At Madn77 sustainability is part of our everyday business practice.
Our boxes are made out of paper with bamboo wood.
Our kraft bags are biodegradable.
Our stickers are made out of vegetables using vegetable ink.
Whenever we receive a package, we re-use it. Whether it's for our B2B clients or B2C clients.
Our company's core goal is to make the earth more sustainable that's why we ensure Co2 neutral shipping for the delivery of all our products. Furthermore, we made it our target to primarily use recycled shipping materials so don't be surprised when your order arrives in a previously used box! Just smile, and re-use it again ;-)