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Every family has its traditions and mine was my mother's daily Dosha rituals.


Balance is an infusion crafted from calming herbs to seamlessly assist you in navigating and managing the emotions of the day.


It marks the second of a trilogy, drawing inspiration from the five Doshas in Ayurvedic medicine.


This organic infusion is handcrafted in our atelier the moment we receive an order. It contains lemongrass, mint, spearmint, cardamom, tulsi, ginger, apple, hibiscus.


All ingredients are organic.

Ami's Ayurveda Collection: Balance (Bio)

€ 8,00Prijs
  • Lemongrass, mint, spearmint, cardamom, tulsi, ginger, apple, hibiscus.All ingredients are organic.


    - Water temperature: 95°C

    - Quantity: 1.5 teaspoon and 180ml water per person

    - Infusion: 5 minutes



Our tea blends, infusions and chais are mixed by hand when an order comes in.



We create our blends so that you can get the best taste and the most health benefits.



When mixing our tea blends, we avoid any waste possible. Plus, we are 80% organic.

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