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Holiday Gifting X Madn77

Some would say, already? (like me!) and some would say, this late? Hahaha I can’t decide the right answer here, but I am glad for the requests: corporate Holiday gifting, the season has begun. Glad to see that we are ready to spoil again ;-)

Whether you’re looking to spoil your clientele and/or employees, look no further: Madn77 has created the perfect, and unique Holiday gift package for you. We can even personalize it to your brand, the choice is yours.

With keeping the focus on wellness, together with our delicious Madn77 blends, we have collaborated with some wonderful small, & artisanal companies to give you the best experience possible. This year's gift package will include some special holiday blends, and many local artisanal products like chocolate, coffee, cookies and candies (from BE and NL).

We understand Christmas is a big season, but out of respect to so many different cultures and different holiday beliefs, we call it the Holiday Gifting season!

So whether you want to spoil them for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, or just because, please contact us at, and we will send you our holiday season brochure.

Happy (early or late!) begin of the season everyone. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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