Madn77 X Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry in Belgium has been closed since October 2020. The impact for the people who are active in this industry is enormous. Also, the fact that there is no clear future perspective for these people makes the whole covid situation even harder.

Many bars and restaurants that are now in trouble once gave us the opportunity to grow to where we are today, that is how our B2B business and brand grew.

Covid hit us hard too, however for us it was still possible to make the switch from b2b to b2c , which helped us continue our work. Unfortunately, this is not an option for many restaurants and bars, which has caused major problems.

We also noticed that during the Corona crisis, a certain solidarity between independent entrepreneurs arose in Belgium. A solidarity that we feel that helped us getting through these difficult times.

Therefore, we have started an initiative to give back. With certain brands we created customized blends. Through the sales of these blends, from our site, 50% of the profit will go towards the restaurants and cafes these blends are associated with.

Sustainable tea

United we can get through anything.

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