Our principles

I started this brand because I felt the world was taking a negative turn, and I wanted to bring it some positivity. I find it very important to make a positive contribution to both humanity, and the planet. Being honest and open about this is one of the key elements. That's why I want to tell you about our sustainability initiatives in this blog, both the parts that are already going well and the parts we still want to improve.

Minimal waste

At Madn77 we blend the tea and ingredients only when an order comes in. Besides having a positive impact on the freshness of the tea and therefore the taste, this also minimizes waste.

Loose tea is the best way to drink tea. Not only for environmental reasons, but also the taste of the tea is much better. That is why we also sell tea sieve’s, so you can make your tea conveniently. We do of course also offer the options of tea-bags. Our tea-bags are sustainable 65%. The tea-tag and the cord alas are not. We are working towards trying to fix this.

Sustainable Packaging

At Madn77 our goal is to be as sustainable as possible. Our stickers are vegan, our packaging are recyclable, and we re-use all our boxes for shipping.



We have been committed to wellness from the very beginning. Also science has shown us that drinking just 4 cups of tea a week can make your brain healthier, reduce overall stress and improve your mood. With our tea we believe we can make the world a less stressful and happier place. That is why we created the RESTORE, POWER, DIGEST, STRENGTH, BREATH & CHAI collections. All of these lines have specific wellness goals.


Giving back is something we strongly believe in. Our products are linked to hand-picked foundations that we wholeheartedly believe in, because investing in the power of people will always give you the highest returns.

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