(Finally) BIO certificated!

At Madn77 we have been working on sustainability from the beginning. So we have naturally felt the need to offer as many organic teas as possible.

Most of our teas and ingredients are organic, but officially we were not yet bio-certified. As of Friday, we can announce that we meet the conditions for the Bio-certificate. More than 80% of our teas are officially bio-certified.

The Bio-certificate is a European label that is compulsory for all organically packaged goods. To obtain this label, strict rules and agreements about organic farming, processing and sales must be met.

In addition, the whole process towards the organic certificate has provided the necessary insights and points of discussion.

Naina (the founder of Madn77) has always wanted to be BIO, Walter, her intern for several months now, was more about transparency and honesty. The discussion remained, why spend money on a certificate, if you’re transparent? Should that money not be used for other resources? Another issue of his was, why do we have to pay for something that has a positive impact? I must admit, these are valid points. However, my clients started to request it, also to get into certain locations, the BIO certification is a must.

Organic Tea

I believe that Walter has a right to his opinion and is not wrong in what he is saying, however for the better of the company, in today's world, I had to “go with the flow”. Even if this is not necessarily what I believe in.

I understand his points. It is strange that we have to pay for something, which is good for the planet. Should we not be charging companies who choose not to be good to the planet, instead of the other way around?

For now, I had to get the certification for the growth of the company. However, I am very interested to learn your thoughts. Do you agree with the BIO certification? Do you think we should charge companies who are not thinking about sustainability?


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