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Cup28 , Kafei and Madn77

Cup.28 is a successful café based in the famous chic neighbourhood of Châtelain, Brussels. They serve fantastic coffees, delicious matcha and mouth watering food. A casual yet cosy cafe with a wonderful, friendly atmosphere.

When I came to Brussels about 2 years ago to look for housing, I of course looked up “trendy” places in and around Chatelain, and cup.28 came at the top of the list so when I went to visit around that area, I had to step in and I immediately knew it was going to be one of my go to places. Funnily enough, after, it was also one of the locations constantly recommended to me. 

As informed to you in my previous posts, I want to stay genuine in what I believe in and be associated with companies who have become successful and managed to stay warm. So, of course, I had to be part of this company. I went in one day, sat down, had a lovely lunch and then asked to meet the owner. Am I glad I did.

Read on about how Mickael and I connected and what will soon be available at his 2 establishments, because since, he has also opened a 2nd location called Kafei, and like his first concept Cup.28, this is also bound to be a success.

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