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Mayur and Madn77 Chais

At Mayur 3 of our Chai’s are served:

  • Ami’s Basic Chai

  • Ami’s Basic Chai with Ginger and Fennel

  • Ami’s Basic Chai with Turmeric

Restaurant Mayur has been a staple in our family since I can remember. Some of my happiest memories are coming here and it is definitely, BY FAR the best Indian restaurant we have ever been to. It’s probably the only Indian restaurant we all enjoy going to.

As our family grew, we always brought them to Mayur and the rule was, YOU BETTER LIKE IT or you will not get “approved” hahahha.

At Mayur high quality is everything, and this is obvious when you try their food, so you can imagine what an honour it was, that they approved my teas to be served at their restaurant.

Read on to learn how it all came about.

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Ami, our in-house Chai guru who knows a thing or two about blending and preparing the best Chai on the block.

For now we have created 2 chai boxes for your. The Basic and the Spicy!

Basic: This box might have “basic” in its name but its flavours are anything but! Perfect for anyone new to chai or folks who prefer their chai clean, classic and delicious.

Spicy: This spicy chai box is great for chai lovers who appreciate a little kick! These sophisticated blends balance the rich taste of chai with ingredients that have a little zing!

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