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Chai with Khulad

Chai has been the most popular drinks in India for generations and generations. It is also a big staple at Madn77 and it is created by our in house chai guru Ami. You want to taste true genuine Chai? We recommend any of the chai's from our Chai collection. Chai is also had in Khulads. We have collaborated with one of the most successful companies in India, Good Earth, who make the most beautiful hand painted items.

Go and buy one for yourself or your loved one from our Madn77 box collections.


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Nerve relaxing. Stress soothing. Calming. For the evenings. Try our teas and blends for a little bit of BREATH. On, you’ll find our unique elixirs: a combination of your favorite teas, spices and herbs. Created to help you relax when you need it most.

We find inspiration everywhere. For the creation of our BREATH tea elixirs we found the most calming combinations to give you that BREATH of air just when you need it.

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