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Cup28 , Kafei and Madn77

Cup.28 is a successful café based in the famous chic neighbourhood of Châtelain, Brussels. They serve fantastic coffees, delicious matcha and mouth watering food. A casual yet cosy cafe with a wonderful, friendly atmosphere.

When I came to Brussels about 2 years ago to look for housing, I of course looked up “trendy” places in and around Chatelain, and cup.28 came at the top of the list so when I went to visit around that area, I had to step in and I immediately knew it was going to be one of my go to places. Funnily enough, after, it was also one of the locations constantly recommended to me. 

As informed to you in my previous posts, I want to stay genuine in what I believe in and be associated with companies who have become successful and managed to stay warm. So, of course, I had to be part of this company. I went in one day, sat down, had a lovely lunch and then asked to meet the owner. Am I glad I did.

Read on about how Mickael and I connected and what will soon be available at his 2 establishments, because since, he has also opened a 2nd location called Kafei, and like his first concept Cup.28, this is also bound to be a success.

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Hop & Stork

Our Ami’s Basic Chai and Ami’s Basic Chai with Fennel is sold at the wonderful locations of Hop & Stork in The Hague, Utrecht and soon Amsterdam (can’t wait for this one to open and tell all my friends about it!).

Hop & Stork (don’t you just love the name? Doesn’t it make you want to hop? hahaha), is for anyone who loves exceptional chocolates with a wonderful atmosphere. When you walk in, you are immediately greeted by the genuinely friendly staff, and the aromas that hit you the moment you enter, makes you greedy and want to buy everything in that shop. Their moto is “Don’t count the calories. Remember the memories”, and we couldn’t agree more.

So come and find out how our chai ended up in their shops and how we (very happily) chose them as our chocolate supplier.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Breast Cancer month. About 1 in 8 women at some point will develop invasive breast cancer. 1 in 8! That’s a crazy number. We of course want to fight this and help find cures. We are not skilled enough for this type of research however we can certainly help in other ways like contributing towards foundations who help women in need. One of the foundation we found is Beautiful After Breast Cancer (

So for the whole month of October from every sale we will give 5% to this foundation. We will also ship in pink boxes to support Breast Cancer Month, all you have to do is select the pink box. This box is generally €3.50 more however, for the month of October, this is on us. UseCode SUPPORTPINK.

Remember each box can be personalised with a special note from you so wether you’re spoiling yourself (which we are big fans of) or someone else, thank you for helping us supporting such great foundations.

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Family77 - Nicobar

Nicobar is the place where culture and commerce intersect. They’re creating a modern Indian way of living, dressing and looking at the world. They make exquisite items for people who care about where things like their coffee and clothing comes from (like us).

From Nicobar we sell the most beautiful khulads and espresso mugs. Have a look at our 77 boxes and gift yourself or that someone special.

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Curated Boxes

At Madn77 we believe you are the boss. So we have created curated boxes with 2 teas and 3 blends so you can mix and match the teas and blends the way you want to and when you want to. Fancy a white tea with a relaxing blend? No problem, select from our BREATH line. Need a morning boost, again no problem, select from our RESTORE line and you will get the boost you need. Want a tea on its own? Also possible. Just want the blend? Hey do it, as long as you’re happy, we are happy.

All our boxes come with 2 teas, 3 blends, 1 bamboo spoon for easy measuring, 25 biodegradable tea bags and 2 glass bamboo lid jars so if you created something you love, you can save it for later.

Enjoy people. Just enjoy.

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Our worldly coffees are carefully selected from places around the world. We serve 2 types of pure coffee boxes where you can choose the rarities of the world or a regular coffee box from beans/grinded coffees around the world. A great way to satisfy your taste buds.

And a bonus? Every time you buy from us a percentage of our sales goes to the charity Chez Nous/Bij Ons who take care of people who are less fortunate. Ensuring they have a roof over their head, food and drinks and help them get back on their feet. We are extremely happy to be able to help out, whatever way possible.

Enjoy our coffee and thank you for buying from us.

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Though its origins trace back over thousands of years in Japan, the café menu item of this very moment is matcha. Matcha-infused innovations such as matcha muffins, matcha pancakes and matcha drinks are sweeping the world, it seems like everywhere you go it’s matcha, matcha, matcha.

It’s become such a fashionable beverage that, last summer, the New York Post ran a story about how Victoria’s Secret models were flocking to Cha Cha Matcha, a hipster spot fluent in the preparation of various matcha-based miracle potions. A search for where to get “matcha” in New York, New York on Yelp yielded some 1400 plus results. Even mass market coffee purveyors like Starbucks have made matcha their mantra, with a vast range of offerings to cash in on the craze. So naturally we had to sell matcha too (plus it is absolutely delicious so it's a double must!).

To find the right supplier for Matcha was a challenge. However, we got lucky at Madn77 and got introduced to the most incredible brand who put their hearth and soul into ensuring the best matcha is delivered to the customers at the right price. 

Thank you Matcha Moments for being part of our family.

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Chai with Khulad

Chai has been the most popular drinks in India for generations and generations. It is also a big staple at Madn77 and it is created by our in house chai guru Ami. You want to taste true genuine Chai? We recommend any of the chai's from our Chai collection. Chai is also had in Khulads. We have collaborated with one of the most successful companies in India, Good Earth, who make the most beautiful hand painted items.

Go and buy one for yourself or your loved one from our Madn77 box collections.


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At Madn77 our business partners are part of our family. We are proud to call Corica part of our Family77.

This is a family run business who with all their passion and hearth run the best coffee business we have ever come across and this can be tasted in every coffee you buy from us.

Learn more about this side of the business on our Family77 page and explore these delicious coffees in our 77 Boxes or Coffee page. You will not be disappointed, instead you'll be asking for more and more....

So enjoy!


Bij Madn77 maken onze zakelijke partners deel uit van ons gezin. We zijn er trots op dat we Corica onderdeel van onze Family77 noemen.

Dit is een familiebedrijf dat met al zijn passie en open haard de beste koffie-bedrijf draait die we ooit zijn tegengekomen en dit kan worden geproefd in elke koffie die je bij ons koopt.

Lees meer over deze kant van de zaak op onze Family77-pagina en ontdek deze heerlijke koffies op onze 77 dozen- of koffiepagina. Je zult niet teleurgesteld worden, in plaats daarvan zul je om meer en meer vragen ....

Dus geniet!

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Red Devils Special! Speciaal voor de Rode Duivels!

We believe in the Red Devil’s! That’s why we have created a special tea which will be gifted with any item bought from our store! Go Red Devils


Nilgiri Black - Turmeric - Red Pepper - Can you handle it?

Wij geloven in de Rode Duivels! Daarom hebben wij een speciale thee gemaakt. Wat je ook koopt van ons, je krijgt sowiezo één  pakketje van ons! 

go Rode Devils

#rodeduivels - Zwarte Thee - Kurkuma - Paprika - Kan jij deze thee aan?

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