Who is Madn77?

Madn77 was created so we could bring some joy and smiles back into the world one glorious tea at a time.

We thrive to be the best but without all the nastyness that so often is required to be successful.

We create our own teas but we also work with some fabulous suppliers who become part of our family77. We’re pretty sure the concept of competitors is just a myth, like how some people think there is such a thing as too much smiling or that breakfast food has to be eaten at breakfast time. We believe that competitors are just friends you haven’t met yet with opportunities unexplored, smiling is the best thing you can do with your face, and waffles are an anytime food. A list of our wonderful partners can be found on our family77.

Just as we don’t believe in competition (again the nasty kind!) we also believe in giving back. Some might see giving back as “social responsibility” but we see it as a privilege. Responsibility is getting your 5 fruits and vegetables per day in a world where garlic bread exists. Our products are linked to a hand-picked foundations that we wholeheartedly believe in, because investing in the power of people will always give you the highest returns.

All our teas are created by our inhouse guru, Ami, and all our tea’s are created fresh whenever an order is received. If you don’t like what you see, send an us an email and we would be happy to create what you need. We love making our customers happy.

Happy shopping! Happy sipping.