Mayur and Madn77 Chais

Mayur was started by the current owners father, Mr. Pramod Sharma, in the buzzing streets in the city center of Amsterdam in 1981. His philosophy has been and remains simple to date: introducing traditional North Indian dishes to his guests, in a warm atmosphere, with high quality food, as if they were "coming to our house to eat".

His son, Manu, took over a couple of years ago and brought the already successful restaurant to a whole new level. I think, no I know, he received a lot of push back (from friends! hello, why?), as he really upgraded it, but guess what, like I always say, if you believe in what you’re doing, don’t let anyone sway you. It is now known as one of the top restaurants in Amsterdam. Hats off to your dad first! And then you Manu. I have to mention his lovely wife here too (yes, I must!) who creates the most welcoming, warm atmosphere the moment you enter the place. She certainly has brought an extra charm, that makes you feel even more welcome.

Mayur was already serving delicious chais at their restaurant, but I decided to approach Manu anyways. Hey, till you try, you don’t know! I was very nervous as I know Manu’s standards are high, and just cause we are childhood friends, does not mean, free entry (my philosophy too). I can not tell you how relieved (and proud) I felt when he told me he loved it and would actually be very happy to have my teas in his restaurant. I am happy to say, it has been a success! And now we are officially on his menu too.

Thank you Manu, for believing in my brand and let me collaborate with your already successful restaurant!