Cup28 , Kafei and Madn77

When you’re a start-up, its tough to be given a chance, but continue to believe in your brand and you will meet nice people along the way. Mickael is one of them. It was a busy Thursday for him, yet he still spoke to me like I was the only customer around and somehow managed to also be aware of his surroundings. Thats an art! Hahahaha He told me he was happy with his teas but “why not” I’ll meet with you and see what you have. Thank you Mickael for that, and for the chance. So we met and I introduced several of my teas to him. What immediately caught my attention was how he was tasting the teas, like a true pro!  I knew even more then that I want to be in his establishment.

What happened you ask? As informed, Mickael knows his teas, so together we created a chai blend true to his brand. With my 4 basic ami chai ingredients and his 3 extra additions, we have truly created something unique which will be available at both his locations in about 1 week. 

I asked Mickael to tell me a little about himself, where does his passion come from? Why did he start this? Oddly enough, even though his family was always in the restaurant business, it is something he was not passionate about, yet he also knew that a 9-5 job is not his thing (like me!). His sister, whom at the time he did not get on with (yes, relevant to the story), convinced him to work at ‘this’ restaurant in the city center. It was based next to a famous coffee joint called Corica (yes! where our coffee comes from, what a coincidence) where he learned the art of coffee and became passionate about using his hands. Mickael has one of those brains that is basically capable of doing it all. When I asked him, what can’t you do, his answer was, “I can’t have babies!”. Well… ;-) OK so how did Cup.28 come about? His sister actually approached him. He was hesitant at first, as they bare spoke, but also felt passionate it about so decided to give it a go, and now they are as close as ever, discovered that they actually have a lot more in common then they realised and have even opened a second establishment. 

Thank you Mickael and thank you his sister! I am excited about the Madn77-Cup.28 Chai creation. The only questions remains now.. what do you want to call it Mickael?