Easter Box

This box includes: 
1 - Darjeeling Black tea with Rose Petals (Bio) - Recommended in the AM.
2 - Rooibos with Fresh Vanilla (Bean) and Lemon Peel - as your mid-morning refreshment.
3 - Green Nilgiri with Apple and Cinnamon - Recommended after lunch. A great way to DIGEST your food.
4 - Mint with lemongrass and Cardamom - Time to take your BREATH. Sit back, relax and take a moment to yourself.

Optional: Chocolates from Hop & Stork +€3,-

This box also includes:

1 bamboo spoon for easy measuring 
1 glass jar with bamboo lids to put your blends and teas into
25 non-toxic, biodegradable, single-use tea bags / if in ready made teabags, 20 teabags per tea.