Monthly Discovery Box

RESTORE - Starting your morning with our most popular blend from our RESTORE line. Oolong tea with turmeric, ginger, lemon peel and cinnamon. This drink is filled with nutritional goodies from anti-inflammatory to anti-oxidants, aids in digestion to better brain function. Get your morning boost from our RESTORE blend.

Ami’s Basic Chai Blend - Have your afternoon sip with our ami’s basic chai. Authentic Indian Chai created by our in-house chai guru Ami. Chai (also known as Masala chai) is a staple tea in Indian household. Chai has been linked to healthy heart, aid in digestion and even weight loss. What are you waiting for?

BREATH - This is our most popular blend from our elixir line. Our Chamomile blend with Cardamom and Fennel seeds. Can’t sleep at night? Are a little stressed? Find it difficult to wind down? Have this tea and watch all your stress go away and go into that sleepy bliss we all look forward to.

Enjoy everyone.