Hop & Stork

Anil, one of the owners of Hop & Stork, was introduced to me via a mutual friend when I was looking for a chocolate supplier. The moment Anil and I met, we hit it off. He is genuine, kind, hilarious and really wants to provide the best chocolate with a smile on everyone’s face. Sounds familiar? Yes! Exactly our believes.

Before he entered the chocolate world, Anil, worked at a bank for many years. He was very successful and as he says, a little ruthless at times. At one point he looked back at himself and realised, this is not who he wants to be, so he stepped out of the banking world and created something completely different with a former colleague and friend of his: Hop & Stork. They wanted to make sure that everyone felt welcome, hence the greeting the moment you walk in, and at the same time truly enjoyed genuine chocolates, with a smile on your face.

I know that when I tried their chocolates, without a doubt, I wanted to associate Madn77 with them. Anyone who puts this much love into their brand and manages to create truly exceptional taste, is my kind of brand!

As mentioned, I went in to meet Anil for the chocolates but when I met him, his staff and tasted the chocolates, hello I wanted my teas in there. Luckily Anil, a true chai lover, loved my chais, as did his staff. Phew. And that is how my chais entered the magical chocolate world of Hop & Stork (along with a little push from Anil, and me being a little pain the …. ;-).

Chai goes VERY well with milk chocolates. The spices which are used to create chai, pair very well with the taste of milk chocolates. I am happy to see that since we are in Hop & Stork, people are loving our chai’s! Thank you everyone.

Hop & Stork currently have 2 open locations and are opening a 3rd in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I strongly encourage you (yes, encourage!) to go and find out who they are, and while you’re at it, enjoy one of our delicious chai’s with one of their (many) delicious chocolates;-0

Happy Shopping. Happy Sipping.