Boxes with a meaning

Each of our curated boxes are created with a purpose in mind:

Our Elixir lines have a meaning behind each moment  -

RESTORE - Cleanse. Restore. Heal. For the A.M.

POWER - Energy and metabolism boosting, naturally. For when you need a lift.

DIGEST - A gentle way to help your system breakdown your food. For after meals.

STRENGTH - Anti-inflammation and vitamin-rich. For when your immune system needs a boost.

BREATH - Nerve relaxing. Stress soothing. Calming. For the evenings.

Our Chai lines are created by our in- house specialist Ami. We have Chai boxes for the novice drinker as well as the established drinker alike.

Enjoy your shopping and experimenting and don’t forget! Till end of this month there is no shipping charge. Use code FALL18😊


Naina Madan