Saffron - why is it so expensive?

Madn77 saffron drinks:

Kahwa Tea - Kahwa is an exotic mix of Kashmiri green tea leaves, cardamom, crushed almonds and nuts! Add it with a little honey, and you can say BYE BYE to those winter blues.

Ami’s Chai with Saffron - Spiced Kesar Chai or saffron tea is a delightful tea blend. This one stands as a majestic royal drink. Our ami’s chai is with cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon, clove, black assam tea and some saffron.

Golden Milk with saffron - Even saffron milk has great things to offer. This spice, when combined with milk, can improve digestion and appetite, keep your skin healthy, and even enhance your immunity. Drinking saffron milk every day, especially before going to bed, can promote sound sleep. Saffron oil can make your skin glow – and even saffron water has amazing properties.