Earl Grey (Bio)

Earl Grey (Bio)


Earl Grey is one of the most popular and recognized tea beverages in the world. It's been hailed for its health benefits raging from heart to digestive health. It boasts an intriguing history that marks the intersection of the Far East and the western empires. What truly makes Earl Grey unique is its blend of bergamot and black tea.

Earl Grey - Premium quality tea from India - Light citrus flavor with a hint of chocolate after taste.

Origin - India - 95°C  - Infuse 2-3 mns - Contains 60mg Theine per cup

Refill bag Loose - 125g Loose tea

Refill bag Teabags - 50 ready-made tea bags

125 grams makes 110-115 cups of tea based on 1 spoon a cup

Note: All teas are organic unless stated otherwise!

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