Verveine (Bio)

Verveine (Bio)

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Verveine is a stomachic and therefore good for relieving indigestion, heartburn, and for tonifying the digestive tract. It is also great for soothing anxiety and as a sedative it is helpful in insomnia.

Verveine - Premium quality from Paraguay

Theine free.

Origin - Paraguay - 90-95C - Infuse for 3-5 minutes - Fresh with a blend of citrus flavours.

Refill bag Loose - 100g Loose tea

Refill bag Teabags - 50 ready-made tea bags

Wooden/Paper cover box - 100g Loose tea with 30 teabags and 1 spoon for easy measuring.

100 grams makes 90-95 cups of tea based on 1 spoon a cup

Note: All teas are organic unless stated otherwise!

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