Naina's journey towards Madn77

Starting my own company has always been a passion of mine. The problem for me was, I love everything and everyone! So narrowing it down, was a journey.

I started to think about what I love, and what made me happy. My parents, my family, are my strength. I remember when I was young, my mum had tea for every moment. When I was stressed, had a stomach ache, could not sleep, she had a tea for that. As a strong desire to bring positivity in today’s world, I created a range of blends dedicated to well-being, and inner positivity and calm.

Now how am I different? All my teas are created fresh, only when orders come in, helping in minimum waste and maximum taste. I have created 5 different elixirs for every moment of the day, as well as an authentic chai line following my mothers traditional recipes. Since the blends are created fresh, if there is something you don’t like, we can take it out, and adjust it to your needs. For our B2B clients, we can even create bespoke blends, completely based on their needs.

How is it going? Very well. I believe in people. That is my passion. Their well-being. In this sometimes, every day negative news world, I like to bring people some form of positivity. If I can do that, when they sip my blends, nothing else matters.

Happy sipping.


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