Frequently Asked Questions and their Fantastic Answers, Queen!

I love your coffee and need to order bigger quantities, how can I make that happen?

So happy to hear! You can email us at coffee@madn77.com and we’ll spill the beans on how to get more beans.

I have a company and want to get in touch about how I can work with Madn77, is this possible?

Yes it is! Get at us at hello@madn77.com

What are the options for product quantities?

Our blends are sold in bags of 35g. Our teas are sold in cello bags of 95g or 100ml glass jars.


Why do you sell your blend and teas separately?

We at Madn77 believe it is your decision which tea you want at which time. You rule your own Kingdom and you get to decide what you want and when you want it. By giving you options, you can literally create the drink you want based on your mood, want or need! Hope you feel Royal, cause you are.


Why do you give to charities?

We at Madn77 believe that this should be the norm. We feel that we should always give back. We should always help where we can and be there for each other, whoever you are.


Is it possible to buy the Elixirs and teas without the spoons?

It certainly is possible! That’s why we give 2 options for you to select from - with or without the spoon.


What if I want to order higher quantities than offered?

Why don’t you write to us (hello@madn77.com) and we will try our best to accommodate all your needs.


Is it possible to create my own box?

It certainly is! Have a look at our loose product page and get creative.


May I send a personal message while  purchasing a gift?

Yes, you can! How sweet of you.  You can select another recipient for delivery, in order to send a gift, and enclose your personal message. You will be asked to check the corresponding box and to type your message in the corresponding fields. A letter with your personal message will be enclosed with the parcel and packaging will be standard while the invoice will be sent to you by mail separately requested.


I am having technical issues while trying to place an order and I REALLY need my Madn77 fix!

Send us an e-mail (hello@madn77.com) with as many precise details about your  problem as possible. Please give details of your operating system (e.g., Windows XP, Mac OS X, etc.) and the browser you use (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).


Why are some products Organic but not others?

All our spices and herbs are organic and some of our teas are but yes, some of our teas are not organic, and none of our coffees are organic either. It has been very difficult to find the right tea supplier where we were truly satisfied on every angle, same for the coffee supplier. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and add as many organic items as possible as we grow.


Why don’t you completely sell not organic then?

The goal is to buy in such big quantities that we can switch all the ingredients to organic! But for that, we need to reach a certain volume. We want to go as sustainable, fair pricing and organic as possible.


Why is your Traditional Chai box more expensive?

Because Kahwa and 1 of the golden milk blends contains Saffron. Saffron is the most expensive spice on the market but it has so many benefits (and the taste is unbelievable) that we could not leave it out. The price may be slightly higher but the benefits (and taste!) that come with it, are worth it.


Why is Matcha sold in 35g only?

Cost of Matcha is very high and as you only need a small amount of Matcha each time, so in order to keep the overall cost down we think this was the perfect solution for you to enjoy every blend.


Why do prices differ between certain ingredients? Sometimes you have 2 ingredients which is higher priced then the 3 or even 4 ingredients? Why is that?

It all depends on the spices or herbs mixed in. Prices are based on the cost of the spices and herbs. And as we want to keep it fair pricing we stick to our principle! So depending on the spice / herb blend, the price is calculated.


Certain blends are available in the boxes but are not available loose, why?

We believe in providing our customers with choices hence in the loose blends we offer some different blends than the ones you can find in the boxes. If you want to order one of the blends from the boxes loose let us know and we will certainly arrange it. ALMOST everything is possible at Madn77.


Why don’t you sell more variety of teas?

We wanted to start with the original purest teas forms. As we grow, so will our tea selection. So keep an eye out!


Why don’t you list all the benefits of the spices and herb blends?

Due to limited space (there is just so many benefits) we decided to give you a brief introduction to the benefits. For a complete list of benefits per spice and herb we recommend looking at this wonderful site: http://www.stylecraze.com/ Type in the herb, spice or tea you want to learn more about and you will get all the information you need.


Are you a nutritionist?

No, however we did a tremendous amount of research into herbs and spices as well as tea benefits and consulted with several specialists in the field to create the most beneficial blends for you, so enjoy!


I feel dizzy/not well after consuming these blends.


Do not drink anything that makes you feel bad. Consult your doctor as well should the sensation remain.


I did not receive my order confirmation email.

Did you check your spam or trash? If you did and still have not received a confirmation but the money has been taken your of your account, send us a copy of your payment along with your order details to hello@madn77.com and we will take care of it immediately.


I want to cancel my order. How do I do this?

You can cancel your order within 4 hours as often we are dispatching it the same day. If you are within the 4 hour timeline, please send an email to hello@madn77.com with your order number and we will take care of it.


Is there a reason for the way you have done these blends?

YES! All our blends are carefully thought out to give you the best benefits. Each box and blend has different benefits and thought out carefully to ensure you don’t have to do the thinking or research to find out what is best for you, that’s our job! Your job is just to enjoy and know you are not only drinking something delicious, but also nutritious.


Why are none of the coffees organic?

The concept of these boxes are coffees from around the world. To find organic coffees from around the world was nearly impossible. However, keep an eye out! We hope to change this in the (near) future.


Why do your boxes come in kraft paper?

Natural Kraft Folding gift boxes are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. This is why. We want to stay as sustainable as possible, plus we fell in love with these boxes the moment we met them. However, if you want to gift these boxes to someone we have some other options available for you for a small extra cost.


I want to buy the blends and teas in your glass jars, is this possible?

It certainly is! Look at the drop down menu, and the option will be there for you.

If we don’t cover it here, it’s because your question is rare and infrequent, like getting out of bed without hitting snooze at least once. But have no fear, if the info you’re looking for isn’t here send your Q to hello@madn77.com