Pay it forward, give it back

Some might see giving back as “social responsibility” but we see it as a privilege. Responsibility is getting your 5 fruits and vegetables per day in a world where garlic bread exists. Our products are linked to a hand-picked foundations that we wholeheartedly believe in, because investing in the power of people will always give you the highest returns.


Chais & T.A.R.A.

Our Chais sales are associated with the India based TARA organisation who helps underprivileged children, their families and their communities create safe and family-like environments for children who cannot be taken care of by their own families. We chose T.A.R.A. not only because we had the opportunity to see the hope in the children’s eyes that T.A.R.A was helping first hand but  we feel it’s important to support local communities, not simply take.

The T.A.R.A organisation receives a percentage from our Tea and Chai sales. From Madn77 and from our generous tea supplier themselves.


Our Tea, Your Water & The Ocean Cleanup

All of our Tea Elixirs are associated with the Dutch based organization called The Ocean Clean-up,  whose innovative systems are estimated to clean up 50 % of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years. We chose The Ocean Cleanup not just because we loved the film Finding Nemo but because water is the lifeblood of humanity so it’s important to protect it. We think if we’re going to infuse, sell, drink and enjoy water we can also help clean and preserve it.

The Ocean Clean-up project receives a percentage from our herbs and spices supplier used for our Teas Infusions. 


Have a coffee, With Us -
Chez Nous-Bij Ons

All of our coffee is linked with the Brussels-based foundation Chez Nous-Bij Ons (With Us) who provide unconditional food, shelter and hygiene to the local homeless community. They help rehabilitate, rehome and lift spirits by organising football games while taking action to influence policies in hopes of one day eradicated homelessness entirely. We chose them because they operate in Madn77’s backyard and because they believe in dignity and equality for all, like us.

Chez Nous-Bij Ons receive a percentage from our coffee sales. From Madn77 and from Corica Coffee.



We’re pretty sure the concept of competitors is just a myth, like how some people think there is such a thing as too much smiling or that breakfast food has to be eaten at breakfast time. We believe that competitors are just friends you haven’t met yet with opportunities unexplored, smiling is the best thing you can do with your face, and waffles are an anytime food.

All of these amazing partners supported us so together we could contribute even more to the organisations we believe in. Here they are, listed below, in the Latin alphabet’s order because we don’t have favourites. To our partners, we couldn't have done it without you, so thanks, and no changing your names to “Aardvark Awkwardness Ltd.” - that’s cheating.



We love our planet. We love every blade of grass and grain of sand, and we love the people who walk upon them. Therefore, when possible, we use second-life, recyclable and biodegradable materials for our products and packaging and do our best to print less at all costs. This means you can tell all your dolphin friends to buy Madn77 and they won’t scold and lecture you about how your lifestyle is ruining their house. Seriously, why do dolphins have to be so smart and judgey and ridiculously cute?