Madn77 at the Office

Tea and coffee and working go together like….well tea, coffee and working. Whether your employees need a pick-me-up or a calm-me-down or simply a delicious and nutritious morale boost we’ve got the entirely customizable solution for you. We can also arrange any of our products to come in larger quantities if you’d like, so your accounting department don’t get into another fist fight over who gets the last cup of Ami’s Basic Chai again.

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Corporate Gifting

Madn77 can also provide corporate gifting for any occasion.

Birthdays, holiday gifts, welcome presents for new employees, goodbye gifts for retiring employees, bribe gifts ensuring the intern doesn't post THAT video of you at last years’ Christmas party onto their Facebook page - or simply to make that big merger that much sweeter.


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The Family 77 x Corpus Studio Wellness Program

This unique workshop created by Madn77 and Corpus Studio gives you the tools to reduce stress and achieve overall better health by combining the power of our Elixirs with simple movement exercises combined with breathing styles.

Your Productive workshop highlights the importance of hydration, meaningful breathing and correct dynamic living behind your desk to reduce the risk of fatigue and burnout.


Who’s it for? For any company that believes in the overall health of their employees is essential, not only for practical reasons, but for company morale.

What do you get? From Madn77 you get a curated tea experience tailored to your employees personal needs. From Corpus Studio you get a highly trained and experienced physical educator that will teach you and your employees:

- How to be more physically affective in a working environment to create dynamic somatic communication both interior and exterior.

- How to develop your dynamic posture.

- How to improve your stress through easy movement and breathing exercises.

We’ll travel to you for free if you’re inside Brussels. If you’re outside of Brussels you’ll cover our travel expenses.

Also you get the satisfaction of knowing that 8% of the price you’re paying goes to one of the organisations that we support.

How many people can participate? Maximum 20/class

What does it cost? 750€ plus 21%TVA for 90 mins. 30% to be paid in advance non refundable, 70% upon completion.

Interested in learning more about the program or want to book? Get at us!