Madn77 X Mind Collective

Like many people, I notice that the corona crisis is affecting my mental well being. No real outside social contact, no interaction with my clientele and friends, constant zoom calls, day in, day out same routines, it’s not always easy to keep a positive attitude. When I look around and listen, I hear many people struggling with the same emotions. 

This company was set-up because I wanted to bring positivity back to people during some turbulent times. I wanted to make wellness and taking care of yourself easy and fun. So, it became important to me to think of a way again on how to help during these difficult times. Not only from person to person, but also from company to company.  That is why we started a partnership with Mind Collective.

Mind Collective is a studio based in Brussel offering guided meditation sessions for all. It’s a beautiful place where people could reduce biological stress, anxiety, insomnia, rumination, and improve emotions regulation, self-control, memory, focus, self-compassion and self-confidence. They built a space where mind practice becomes accessible to all.

So, together we created 2 wellness teas focusing on your health and happiness:

Hear and now: Ideal to clear the mind and be in the present moment.

Rooibos with apple, verbena, hibiscus, lemon peel and cranberries.

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Wellness Tea

Inner calm: Ideal to encourage vitality through flushing the internal organ toxins, aiding respiratory health and fortifying our immune system.

Chamomile with mint, lavender and tulsi.

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Follow this link explaining our collaboration and soon we will be offering these guided meditations as well as our teas, to your employees.

Please take care of yourself and your people.



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