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Tea & Food Pairing

Tea is becoming increasingly popular as a beverage with meals. Most of us associate alcohol with our meals, especially during social events, however alternatives such as tea seem to be becoming more popular.

Tea pairing is an experience of the senses. It explores the possibilities and dynamic between the flavors and aromas of the tea and food you use. Get it right, and tea will not only balance but even lift the flavors in your food. Pretty much like wine. But often in a slightly, sometimes radically, different way.

When pairing tea with a dish, approach it in the same way you would when pairing it with wine. First, determine what the goal is that you are pursuing. Then you start tasting. It remains very personal and there are no fixed guidelines. However, there are some basic rules that can help you.

White Tea

White tea neutralizes the taste and rinses the mouth between courses. It is also a great combination with spicy dishes and cheese.

Green Tea 

Roughly put, when white wine goes well with a dish, so does green tea! Japanese green tea goes perfectly with seafood, fish and rice dishes. Chinese green tea pairs nicely with green salads, cheese and chicken.

Black Tea

Simply said, if red wine goes well with the dish, then black tea goes well with it too! The full rich flavor of black tea with strong tannins goes well with rich, full, creamy dishes like grilled meats, curries, but also with chocolate desserts or crème brûlée .

Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are in general quite smoky and complex and therefore pair perfectly with herby dishes, fruity desserts and smoked cheeses and meats.

Pu Ehr Tea

Pu Erh Tea goes very well with full dark chocolate and "warm" spicy dishes with ingredients like cinnamon and cardamon.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea blends wonderfully with sweet dishes due to its sweet, spicy with vanilla notes.

Now that you understand the basics, why not try this the next time you host a “virtual” meal with our Madn77 teas? 

Happy Exploring.

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