Madn77 was launched because of my passion to bring moments of wellness and tranquility into people’s daily lives. Each of my product lines is unique, fresh, and hand-blended teas, tisane, and authentic Indian chai designed and customized to match your mood.

Our tea is created only when orders come in, resulting in minimum waste; we love what we do and we love to bring a smile on your face. All our teas, tisane, and chai blends have been created with a purpose in mind.
We have 5 categories, created for every moment of the day to match your mood:
RESTORE - Cleanse. Restore. Heal. For the morning.
POWER - Energy, and metabolism-boosting. For when you need a lift.
DIGEST - A gentle way to help your system break down your food.
STRENGTH - Anti-inflammation and vitamin-rich. Boost your immune system.
BREATH - Nerve relaxing. Stress soothing. Calming. (Tisanes)

So select the line /lines that suit you best, order, and then sit back and enjoy every moment of your special sip.

Happy shopping and happy sipping!

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