Bye Bye 2020! Hello 2021

2020 what a year you have been ūüôÉ

I started this brand because I wanted to bring positivity and smiles to people. I remember when I was growing up that my mum had a tea for every moment, and it always made me feel good.

This is even more relevant now.

2020 was a challenge, and I am glad it is behind us, yet I also gained a lot.
I had to re-think my business, to save it and switch it from B2B to B2C - is a major player in helping me achieve this. @natasacvjetkovic is also a MAJOR player in bringing my vision to life.

Several local brands either approached me, and/or let me part of their concept. I got into some amazing brands such as @kaki.cakebar , @chezalfred.bxl,, @canapeapero,, @cafedelapressebxl,, @magasingeneral_, @contaynor, @tak_aplantbasedlifestyle and @vegasme_brussels, to name a few.
Companies switched to me for their teas such as @maisondelaposte and gifted their employees.

Some amazing collaborations happened such as with @wideawakebrussels, @cup28.bx, @mayanachocoladebar, @librairie_filigranes, @thebelgianchocolatemakers, @eatdessertfirstbylaura and @mindcollectivebrussels !

And of course, I gained some fantastic b2c clients who have helped Madn77 grow tremendously.

So if 2020 brought so much love and support, I look forward to 2021! Bring it on, we are ready for you ūüí™ūüŹĹūüí™ūüŹľ

Thank you everyone.

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