AMI’S BASIC CHAI with Black Pepper

AMI’S BASIC CHAI with Black Pepper

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Ready to add some spice to your tea? Black Pepper is another miracle spice which has endless miracle properties. Rich in vitamins and minerals, reduces inflammation, nutrient absorbent and is full of antioxidant.

Recommended: In the afternoon or when you just need a moment for yourself.

Ami’s Basic Chai: Black Assam with cardamom, black cardamom, clove, Black Pepper (not bio).

This tea contains about 60 milligrams of theine per cup.

95℃ - Infuse 2-3 mns w/o milk - Infuse 3-5 minutes with milk.


Refill bag Loose - 100g Loose tea

Refill bag Teabags - 50 ready-made tea bags

Wooden/Paper cover box - 100g Loose tea. Gift: 30 teabags and 1 spoon for easy measuring (+ €8)

Wooden/Paper cover box - 50 ready-made tea bags (+ €8)

100 grams makes 40-45 cups of tea based on 2-2.5 spoon a cup

Note: All teas are organic unless stated otherwise!

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