My Story

Around 2017, I felt the world was taking a negative turn, and I wanted to bring it some positivity. 

I started to think about the how and why...

I remembered that when I was growing up, my mother had a delicious home-made tea for every emotion, and moment of the day. Whether I was stressed, not feeling well or just in need of a pick-me-up, my mother would have a perfectly fitting tea/tisane. And coming from Indian origin, we had our daily delicious chai moments. Authentic Indian chai and golden milk, following traditional Indian recipes which my mother learned from hers.

Those moments always gave me calmness, a nice moment for myself as well as inner happiness. When we had our Chai moments, it brought the family together. 


This feeling of happiness is what I wanted to bring to other people. That's how I came to the idea of starting my own tea shop, Madn77.  You can enjoy our blends by buying from us directly or through many of our suppliers.

So, come as you are, and enjoy a delicious cup of tea, tisane or chai. Happy sipping.